Finished Product of the Year – Immune

A strong, healthy immune system is the foundation of good health. We are looking for the most innovative and commercially viable product to support immunity, in terms of formulation, format, delivery system and specialised science.


Viable Product – Can / does the product stand up to a competitive market and will the user find a value in the concept?

Emerging Category – How well does this product fit a specific consumer need and is this a unique niche or has it already been done?

Validated Research – How thoroughly has the product been vetted against market research to validate consumer need?

True Innovation – What are the product’s attributes that make this product truly unique including ingredients, delivery system, and specialised science?

Distinct Health / Lifestyle Application – Does this product fill a gap in the healthy product sector and is the science compelling and valid?

Unique Packaging – How well does the packaging convey the product’s attributes and speak to the consumer?

Creative Marketing – Has the product been supported by a vibrant and original marketing / promotional strategy with canny product positioning?

The product must have been commercially introduced after January 1, 2013 in order to be eligible to enter.

The closing date for entries is February 6, 2015.

– Selection of finalists by the NutraIngredients Awards judging panel based on the criteria above
– Qualified finalists will be notified by March 23, 2015
– Finalists will be announced on the NutraIngredients Awards website in April, 2015
– Winner will be announced at NutraIngredients Awards 2015 dinner on May 6

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