Awards Categories

The NutraIngredients Awards 2015 will be launched for the first time in May with 7 prestigious Awards categories, rewarding real innovation in healthy foods, supplements and nutrition. For details on the judging process and criteria for entry, please select the relevant category below.

Readers’ Ingredient of the Year  – in association with Vitafoods Europe 2015
Can your ingredient increase the overall credibility of the nutrition and healthy foods market? Judged by NutraIngredients readers, the recipe for success in this category will combine efficacy with proven safety and real innovation. Put to an online vote, readers will decide which ingredient has the biggest potential to benefit the industry as a whole.

Editor’s Choice Award – in association with Finished Products Europe 2015
Does your product have what it takes to impress NutraIngredients’ award-winning editor Shane Starling? Our editor’s choice award will go to the entrant with a truly unique concept setting it apart in the healthy products market. It may be characterised by any number of creative attributes, by its solid scientific backing, or even by its definition of a new niche sector.

University Research of the Year
Well-conducted nutrition research is the cornerstone of the healthy foods and supplements market. This category will reward research that takes the nutrition sector to a new level of understanding – with clear potential for the development of market-changing new products.

Startup Ingredient of the Year
It hasn’t been long since that eureka moment, but stellar success is already within reach for the winner in this category. The award will go to a start-up company less than four years old producing the most commercially viable, innovative and effective new ingredient – and one that could make a real difference to the overall health and nutrition industry.

Finished Product of the Year – Sport & Energy
Could your sports or energy product provide the edge consumers are looking for? Whether a novel format or innovative blend of ingredients, your product will go further than the competition to help athletes perform faster and stronger.

Finished Product of the Year – Immune
A strong, healthy immune system is the foundation of good health. We are looking for the most innovative and commercially viable product to support immunity, in terms of formulation, format, delivery system and specialised science.

Finished Product of the Year – Heart & Brain
What does it take to keep the engine rooms of the body in the best possible working order? The winning product in this category will demonstrably protect and optimise heart and/or brain health in a way that sets it apart in a competitive market segment.